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To log into and access Rave, follow the steps below: 

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Logging into Classic Rave

Note: iMedidata users cannot log in directly to Rave and must log in to iMedidata to access Rave. For more information, see Log into Classic Rave from iMedidata.

  1. Enter the Rave URL in your browser's address bar. This is generally http://[name]
  2. Select a language from the dropdown.
  3. Enter your user name and password.
  4. Click Enter.

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Getting Started in Classic Rave EDC

Classic Rave EDC Home is the initial starting page for Classic Rave. For more information, see Classic Rave EDC.

Completing eLearning Requirements for Your Study

Current access to Classic Rave EDC is based on eLearning requirements with instructor-led training. Your access to each of the studies assigned in Classic Rave EDC is available if you pass the assigned eLearning courses for that study. If you are assigned to an eLearning and do not have a valid training date, then access to the Rave studies depends entirely on completion of the eLearning courses for specified studies. For more information, see eLearning Requirements in Rave EDC.

Note: You can access non-Classic Rave EDC modules that you have access to without completing eLearning requirements.

Accessing Customer Support Information

Click the Click Here for Customer Support Information link on the bottom left-hand corner of any page. The Customer Service Support window shows Customer Care information for Rave US Help Desk, Japan Help Desk, Worldwide Toll-Free Numbers, World Wide Web information, and Contact Email.

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